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CEO Naples Offers a Permanent Change in The Way we Work That is Sure to Impress


In a recent Forbes article, Reconfiguring The Modern Office: Making The Shift To Virtual Long Term, the article reflects on the idea of open workplace floorplans, which have now been trumped by the white-hot jobs market that expects remote work options. We have to embrace and understand that we live in a virtual world.


The Wall Street Journal also recently put out a podcast, How the Virtual Office Could Replace the Physical One, which explains, “As remote communication continues to be our primary way of working, some companies are turning to services that create virtual office spaces to beat Zoom fatigue. Meaning: you could sit at a virtual desk all day or meet a colleague at the virtual water cooler.”


Virtual and remote work is here to stay. Employees and many employers embrace the new normal and understand how it benefits their organization, their client loyalty, and their staff’s longevity.


  1. Why do you need a virtual office?

A high-profile address with luxurious office amenities and professional staff is ideal in today’s age of virtual working lifestyles. We all enjoy and have grown accustomed to working from home, while on vacation, or whatever place that might include, while on the go.

\With a virtual office, you can impress your clients and exceed their expectations with a high-end space without the additional expense.

  1. You have multiple options.

At CEO Naples, we offer numerous office-space options. When it comes to virtual offices, you can choose from either an office with full-service amenities or a physical address for mailing packages and doing business in Naples, Florida.

These office spaces are called the CEO basic virtual office, and the CEO mail only virtual office program.

See details below for specifics

  1. Your employees will continue to thrive at home.

If there is anything positive we’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that employees are more efficient and productive working from home. Studies show that employees are happier and more willing to work more intensely with longer hours to get projects done while working remotely. This flexibility allows them more time with their families, and they can take control of their career paths constructively. Work-life balance creates a more satisfactory working environment, and virtual office space allows your organization to rise to the top without the high costs of brick-and-mortar businesses.

  1. Cutting down on overhead costs

 Reducing overhead costs of office equipment and maintenance are also advantageous. Limiting the number of employees needed, avoiding purchasing space, or signing long-term rental contracts for pristine locations helps businesses take advantage of the market while keeping costs down. As does limiting insurance for fire, flood, and theft, to name a few.

  1. Comprehensive support staff

Although your office space might be virtual, the staff from CEO Naples are impeccably trained and respected. From the concierge desk to the office, your clients will continue to be impressed by the attention and care in the details our staff offers your organization.

What we offer

Executives love virtual offices for cost reductions and the convenience of numerous amenities and high-end options for their clients. With CEO Naples, we go several steps further. To find out more about our packages, including office rentals, virtual offices, conference rooms, complete business solutions, and amenities, visit


  • Four Hours of Conference Room Time Included
  • Access to Six State-of-the-Art Conference Rooms, Five with Video Conferencing Capabilities
  • After-hours and Non-business Day Call Routing Services
  • Company Listing on the Lobby Touchscreen Directory
  • Well-lit Multi-Level Parking Garage with Elevator Access
  • High-Speed Secure Hardwire and Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity
  • Live Reception Telephone Answering – Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Local Phone Number, Extension(s), and Personalized Voicemail
  • Mail Receipt and First-Class Mail Notification Services
  • Prominent Naples Business Address: 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 200, Naples, Florida
  • CEO Concierge Reception Services to Greet your Visitors and Guests
  • Business Class Xerox Multi-Functional Machine: Print/Copy/Fax/Scan

 The Concierge Executive Offices Expanded Virtual Office option includes additional conference room hours.


  • Access to 6 Conference Rooms with a Preferred Hourly Rate
  • Company Listing on the Lobby Touchscreen Directory
  • High-Speed Secure Fiber-optic Hardwire and Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity
  • Mail Receipt and First-Class Mail Notification Services
  • Prominent Business Address: 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 200, Naples Florida
  • CEO Concierge Reception Services to Greet your Visitors and Guests

There’s no reason to wait with so many options to begin the virtual office journey.

For more information about concierge executive offices and virtual offices in Naples and how we can best serve your business, please email or call us today at (239) 325-5000.


 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 200
Naples, Florida 34108

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