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2020 ushered in the year of the remote employee, and many companies have continued to encourage remote working. Imagine having the option to lay in bed all day and work, eat, and even sleep there. Or have you gotten yourself an executive office space to break up your time while you work? Have you started a new business and need a professional office space to meet with clients?  Virtual offices have become the new way to work. They provide you with flexibility and legitimacy for any of your business needs.  Remote work is a fantastic option to have.  However, it comes with an added layer of self-care management that we have only recently been made aware of.  To be an effective remote worker, there are several elements to be mindful of.  From office spaces to sleep schedules, it all makes a difference.

How to be an Effective Remote Worker

It is imperative to focus on your overall well-being while working remotely.  Here are a few reasons to pay attention to your health:

  • Blurring the lines between work and life may damage your work-life balance
  • Productivity may be affected by irregular work hours
  • Long hours in virtual meetings could lead to Zoom fatigue
  • Long or irregular working hours could affect personal relationships and mental health

Being successful working remotely is about balance and boundaries. Maintaining that work-life balance has profound short- and long-term benefits.  If you have worked in an office environment, you know that you entered “work mode” the moment you entered the office, and when you left the office at the end of the day, you shifted your focus back to your personal life.  The first step to maintaining that delicate work-life balance is to create a dedicated workspace.

You don’t need much to create your space:

  • A work surface to accommodate all of your equipment.
  • An ergonomic chair
  • Internet access
  • Privacy
  • Light (natural is best, or grab a ring light)

With your workspace in place, you will have the structure to be intentional in creating balance while working remotely.  Now enter self-care.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 23% of workers in the United States work remotely on a regular basis. And this number is steadily increasing.  So how do you take care of yourself as one of those work-from-home employees?  Here are our top 10 tips for remote workers of any industry, on any schedule.

Self-Care Tips for the Remote Worker

  1. Fix Your Sleep Schedule

Staying up late or into the wee hours of the morning will not only ruin your work schedule but will eventually affect your health.  Your sleep schedule should not depend on your work schedule. Stay consistent.  Go to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same day every day.  Try meditation, reading, or listening to music to calm yourself at least one hour before bedtime.  This can improve your sleep.

  1. Wear Pants – LITERALLY!

This one is all about your relationship with work! Being in pajamas all day makes you feel comfortable and can lead to laziness. Are we suggesting wearing formal work attire? No way. Keep it casual.  Wear comfortable clothing, but not what you wear to bed or lounge around the house. Utilizing an executive space will get you out of your pajamas and into casual business wear.   No need to get fancy, but it will keep you from wearing your pajamas to the office.

  1. Stay Away from Your Bed

This doesn’t apply to your actual bedtime. That is the ONLY time you should be in your bed.  Being in your bed can lead to feelings of laziness, and you don’t want that during working hours.  Sitting in bed all day can also affect your posture.  There are two great ways to stay away from your bed.  Executive office spaces allow you to work from a legitimate office outside of your home and give you the chance to network with others and get that needed break from your home office.  Or are you looking for access to professional resources such as an answering service, a professional address, and a place to meet clients, then a virtual office is a perfect fit for you.

  1. Take Breaks from Time to Time

If you have worked in an office before, you most likely had coffee breaks where you could take ten to fifteen minutes to relax.  It would help if you did the same thing as a remote employee.  Taking a break is essential.  It gives your mind a moment to rest and your body a few minutes to move. So, take time to make a cup of coffee or go to your garden and water your plants. Using a virtual office? Take advantage of the amenities offered. Use that time to network and meet other CEO office clients. These small daily breaks help keep your mind fresh and your body active.

  1. Stay Away from Excessive Snacking

There is nothing wrong with snacking but doing it in excess isn’t suitable for anyone.  Snacking all day can lead to skipping lunches, unhealthy weight gain, increased fatigue, poor performance, and damaged health. Make healthy snack choices during the day and reduce how often you are snacking.

  1. Log In on Time and Log Out on Time

We all know the importance of being on time for work, but it is just as important to log out as a remote worker.  Working long hours will leave you with no time for yourself, family, or hobbies.  It will lead to increased stress and conflicts in personal relationships.  It is crucial not to play with your personal health and wellbeing. When you have wrapped up your 8-hour workday, disconnect from work and connect with health and family.

  1. Start a New Hobby

Do something that you love! Whether dancing, baking, gardening, etc., take time out several times a week to enjoy it.  Doing things that you love boosts your creativity and productivity over time. Feeling happy and fulfilled is good for your mental health.

  1. Don’t Work on Weekends

Let weekends be weekends.  Enjoy your personal life as much as you enjoy your professional life. Don’t miss out on that!

  1. Take an Off for Your Mental Health

If you want to work on all the self-care tips, mental health care must be taken seriously.  Take a day if you just to relax and deal with things that life has thrown your way.  Let your boss know the real reason. Mental health cannot be neglected. It must come first. So if you are burnt out, stressed out, or just not feeling good-take some time off.

  1. Create a Vision Board

Motivation can be fleeting when working remotely and being away from your team.  Don’t let that get to you. Self-motivation is the biggest driver of your success.  A vision board helps you see what you want to achieve in the long term. Put it where you see it daily. This will give you purpose throughout the day and keep you motivated.

  1. Break up Time Between Home and Office

Take advantage of the option of renting a virtual office space.  This allows you to break up your time between home and the office.  A change of environment can be great for your mental health.  In doing so, you will be able to network with others, schedule time with your team by setting up conference room days and make efficient use of time in general.

The secret to working remotely successfully is creating that work-life balance. Taking your brain away from work thoughts throughout the day can make you more productive during working hours. Fun activities and self-care routines will help decrease stress and improve overall well-being.  No matter how big your dreams are or how much work it takes to get there, it will not happen if you don’t take care of yourself.

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