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Remote Work is Here to Stay; However, There are Many reasons We still Need a Physical Office Space

You may be thinking this doesn’t pertain to me; I don’t have a physical office space, or my current space is fine, but if you want to impress your clients and build high-quality rapport that correlates with your company’s abilities, keep reading.

During the pandemic, many researchers, experts, and business owners believed we would eventually go back to the way things once were. It’s become incredibly evident that it will not happen in most cases.

Workers thrive while working from home and enjoying more time in their personal space while being extremely efficient and driven to get their work done. While some CEOs and business owners may wish to harness their staff back into the office, most realize that productivity and satisfaction levels are at an all-time high.

We now know that employees can perform nearly all tasks remotely, but there are many instances when meeting clients face to face is not only a better option but rather imperative to keep or to gain their business



Making a First Impression that Impresses is Critical

Meeting with a new or potential client is the key to growth and vitality. Still, no matter how superior your company’s talent or services are, if you can’t showcase your office space, you are not making the best impression. If the client views your surroundings as mediocre, they will likely move on to bigger and better things.

Building Trust is Key for Growth

When an office space reflects your organization’s preeminence as leaders in the industry, trust is sure to follow and continue to be built upon; however, if you are in some dusty, outdated, unimpressive space, or worse, a coffee shop or hotel lobby, your trustworthy capabilities are going to suffer.

Face-to-Face Meetings Will Always be Relevant

There are times that face-to-face meetings are much better options than virtual. These instances are usually wrapped around needed to make a good impression, building trust, empathy, camaraderie, and attentiveness. Clients shaking hands and getting a good sense that they’ve been heard and understood can be achieved with fineness in a well-established office setting that impresses and lets clients know you are not only successful but thriving.


  1. I have an office; what do you offer that will make a difference?
  2. How can I afford a prestigious office space?
  3. What if I only need to meet clients or have face-to-face staff meetings occasionally?
  4. What key office amenities do I need to make my face-to-face meetings influential?

Answer: Simply put, CEO, Concierge Executive Offices, an elite address in a highly sought-after with a full staff, security, contemporary design, and technology that bar none. 

Modern Executive Suites in Naples

CEO executive offices provide professionally designed individual private executive offices and one-of-a-kind 3, 4, and 5 office private suites to support our clients’ growing businesses. Located in beautiful Naples, Florida, in the landmark Fifth Third Bank Center, Concierge Executive Office offers full-service amenities like 24/7 secure access to the building and private, contemporary offices, with standing-optional desks available. We provide a contemporary, modern office experience with a professionally designed interior that feels professional and welcoming.

Our experienced concierge team will ensure that your organization receives professional reception services, answering your calls promptly and courteously and greeting your visitors warmly. CEO Concierge Executive Offices provides all tenants and clients concierge-level member support services.

Concierge Executive Office Virtual Offices

CEO Concierge Executive Offices also offer the flexibility of Virtual Office programs. With access to our contemporary space and sophisticated office amenities, a Virtual Office provides clients with valuable access to professional resources, a prestigious address, and a high-end presentation to impress clients for that critical first impression. Clients enjoy fully customizable options for maintaining a local presence while simultaneously eliminating the cost of expenditures related to overhead and staffing requirements.

Concierge Executive Office Amenities

  • Access to Six State-of-the-art Conference Rooms, Five with Video Conferencing
  • After Hours and Non-business Day Call Routing Services
  • Company Listing on the Lobby Touchscreen Directory
  • Executive Furniture Package
  • Facility and Utilities Maintenance
  • Highly Featured VoIP Polycom Phone System
  • High-speed, Secure Fiber-optic Hardwire, and Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity
  • Local Phone Number, Extension(s), and Personalized Voicemail
  • Office Cleaning Services (three times per week)
  • Professionally Trained Reception Staff to Greet your Guests and Answer the Telephone, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Prominent Business Address in Landmark Building: 999 Vanderbilt Beach Road, Suite 200
  • Spacious, Unique Common Area Spaces include: Desks, Chairs, and Lockable Filing Cabinets
  • Access to Dry Cleaning Service Delivery
  • Access to Car Detailing Services
  • Complimentary Coffee, Water, and Soda
  • Well-lit Multi-Level Parking Garage with Elevator Access