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Whether you are a small business working from the corner of your kitchen, home office, virtual office space, or executive office space to meet with clients and team members, keeping your work and schedules organized can feel overwhelming. Many tools in today’s world are designed to assist you in getting and keeping your schedules and tasks all in one place.

Virtual Offices

Today’s working world has changed drastically over the last few years. Work from home has become standard for many employees and business owners. Virtual offices have become an essential part of keeping businesses going. Virtual offices offer unique and flexible programs. Small companies with no office can take advantage of a prominent business address. You will have a professional address for sending your mail and where you can safely receive packages. Providing a business address rather than your home address makes your business legitimate. Virtual offices offer reception services during regular business hours as well as local numbers, extensions, and personalized voicemail services. You can access business class office equipment such as print/copy/scan/and fax. Allowing these details to be handled by outside sources will enable you to focus on growing your business and staying on task.

What Software is Available to Keep Me Organized?

It’s not surprising that many people struggle with staying organized and keeping up with tasks when they are no longer in a corporate environment. It can feel like you are swimming in a sea of deadlines and projects that get missed. Technology has come a long way in just a few short years to ensure that every business owner and team member can stay organized and feel accomplished at the end of the day. Let’s look at a few options that are available to everyone.


              Trello is a great way to get your team together no matter how far apart you are. It provides you with all of your information at a glance. By creating boards, you can have the ability to see the big picture or dive into the fine details. You can see the status of your projects as your cards move through the buckets to “Done.”  Set your due dates and never miss a deadline. Trello gets you out of email and into a platform where the work is done. From your computer to your phone, you are always connected to what is going on. You can see real-time updates on projects as well. Take your projects wherever you go! Trello offers CRM, Employee Management, Marketing Automation, Time and Expense Tracking, and Training Management. No matter where you are with your business, whether working from your kitchen or still in an office, Trello has affordable options for every business owner.


              NetSuite comes cloud/web-based as well as in a mobile app. You can access CRM, Employee Management, Financial Management, Marketing Automation, Time and Expense Tracking, and Training Management within the program. Within NetSuite, you can streamline everything you need to run a business. You can maintain project statuses with real-time updates to keep yourself and your team on track and avoid potential issues. NetSuite streamlines everything from invoicing to HR, Accounting to Supply Chain Management, and much more. This platform has automated processes to see the real-time operational and financial performance. Take a tour of NetSuite and see what products can benefit you and your ability to stay on top of your market.


              Striven has several options for accessibility. It is available for installation on a PC, as a mobile app on your phone, and it’s a cloud/web-based service. Striven offers a wide array of options to automate your sales and marketing by capturing leads and turning them into customers. It allows you to manage and track projects, inventory, and services. And if you are working on building your business and your team, it puts HR at your fingertips by streamlining the recruitment and onboarding of new employees. You can make on-the-go decisions for your business with real-time updates to projects. Striven removes barriers and improves teamwork with project management, scheduling, task tracking, and so much more. Striven can be customized to fit your unique business needs.

Managing projects and deadlines while juggling schedules and multiple tasks don’t have to be overwhelming. Technology has evolved to the point that everything we need to get the job done is literally at our fingertips. And with so many executives and business owners becoming digital nomads, access to projects, schedules, etc., has become vital. Running your business beyond your home or corporate office has never been simpler.   Trello, NetSuite, and Striven give you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world by putting your business at your fingertips. Mobile apps and cloud-based programming make these platforms perfect for the on-the-go business person. They are just a few among many business software management programs designed to assist you in streamlining, collaboration, and task management. Once you determine the best fit for you and your business needs, you will undoubtedly be off and running.



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